Wikipedia Page for Television Show

Wikipedia Page for TV Shows

Times have changed, 20 years ago, if you had a TV show, that was enough to be known. The audience came by itself, and you just had to compete with similar programs or programs that were broadcast on the same schedule.

But now it’s completely different, the audience does not come by itself, you have to look for it and attract it constantly, and the perfect place to do it, of course, is the internet.

However, that can be very difficult, your content may be good, that does not mean that you will attract the attention of Millennials that change what they see on a weekly basis, or that you are going outrun your competition easily, in fact, they are probably also Investing a lot of time and money in promotion through internet.

The secret weapon of any TV show that wants to be promoted over the internet is Wikipedia, having an article of your program in Wikipedia guarantees a great promotion, and not to be less, being on Wikipedia is synonymous with being relevant.

But not everyone can have their article in Wikipedia, in fact most of the articles that are created daily are deleted because they do not meet the rules. That is why our team of experts is responsible for reviewing all cases to determine who can be on Wikipedia and who can’t.

How to Get a Wikipedia Page for a Television Show

If you have a TV show, chances are you can be on Wikipedia, since the rules tend to favor TV shows, especially if they are regional or national programs (if your show is local, you may be in trouble).

However, the key is if you have a good coverage of your program, that is, if newspapers, magazines or other media took notes on your show, those notes are the ones that determine whether you can be on Wikipedia or not.

Another important requirement is that your program has to be live by the time you want to create the article, Wikipedia does not usually accept notes about pilot episodes, or about shows to be released, unless they have a lot of journalistic coverage.

If you want to start promoting your program online, Wikipedia is the best place to start. Get in touch with us and our team of specialists will start to help you right away!

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