Are You Looking For a US Based Wikipedia Expert?

Do you Qualify for a Wikipedia profile?
Have you or your company received significant press or media coverage by neutral, reputable third-party sources? If so, you may qualify for a Wikipedia profile. Wikipedia content is a by-product of what the press, media or academic community is writing about a subject and aims to be a neutral compilation of verifiable, established facts. Blogs, press releases, product information or self-published materials cannot be used to qualify for notability. For a Wikipedia consultant, Contact us for a complimentary assessment to establish if you qualify for an entry on the seventh most popular site on the Internet.

“The only three things that matter in real estate are location, location, and location. The only three things that matter on Wikipedia are press coverage, press coverage and press coverage”

Our Process will include the following activities:

With our expertise, here’s what you can expect upon hiring our Wikipedia consultants:

05 Steps

Research, Planning
In this phase, we will review relevant news articles and other materials provided by the client and found through independent research. We will identify the information which can be used for the wiki profile and create the outline of the wiki
Our Wikipedia consultants will create the draft of the wiki for your review.
Communications Modifications
Discussion of the draft with you and necessary revisions, until you are satisfied.
Submission of the wiki to Wikipedia; often must be done in several stages.
Monitoring, Discussions
Monitoring the changes done by reviewers; protecting wiki during initial review by the Wikipedia community

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We create and update your page with unbiased and verifiable information so that your Wiki page is a true reflection of your brand.


Complete confidentiality and compliance with the stringent guidelines of Wikipedia.


Experienced team with profound knowledge about a diverse range of subjects.


No complaints at all. We work hard until the highest level of customer satisfaction is achieved.


Competitive pricing, high standards and experience that is hard to come by.