Wikipedia Page for Artists

Wikipedia Page for Artists

If you are an artist, you know that in these times in which we live, promoting your work online is absolutely essential, a good online presence can be the difference between being known and getting your works sold, and that your works gather dust in the basement.

We all know the items in an online presence bucket list: updated social networks, a good web and an active YouTube channel, and above all, a page on Wikipedia.

Being on Wikipedia is a great leap for the career of any artist, it implies being automatically recognized as a relevant artist with great potential, and helps control what the internet says about you.

But getting an article on Wikipedia is not easy, there are very strict rules that must be complied to be there, and unfortunately not all artists meet them.

If you are an artist and want to know if your profile may be on Wikipedia, this article says everything you have to take into account:

Are you Notable?

Notability does not depend on you, but on your work. This is the first rule of Wikipedia for artists, no matter if you are famous, your work must also be so that you can have an article of your own. Do you want to know if your work is remarkable for Wikipedia? For it to be, you must meet at least one of these conditions:

  • That has been purchased or has been exhibited by notable public institutions. If one of your paintings has arrived at the New York Museum of Art, you have an article insured.
  • That has been purchased by any government or any public entity. If your Washington sculpture is in a place somewhere, you can be at Wikipedia. However, any kind of sculptures about politicians who are alive are excluded from this requirement.
  • Have won some important prize. If that poem you wrote last summer won a national award, Wikipedia is yours.
  • It has been sold for a record price at a sale or auction.

Being on Wikipedia is not easy, but if you meet one or more of these requirements, you can have your own article and promote your work from there.

If you meet the requirements do not hesitate to contact us, our team of specialists can have your Wikipedia article ready in a very short time.

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