How to Create a Wikipedia Page For People

Create a Wikipedia Page For People

How to Create a Wikipedia Page For People

A lot of businesses want to know how they can create Wikipedia pages for other people. Depending on your client, a Wikipedia page can help them earn more credibility and notoriety online.

User-generated Wikipedia content can help create good PR for clients, businesses, and professionals. From news articles to blog posts, most independent and reliable sources of information can help you on Wikipedia.

If user-generated content isn’t enough, there are Wiki professionals for hire that can create a page or add to an existing Wikipedia page to help your online presence, or your client’s. Plus, hiring an expert can help you navigate the ins-and-outs of publishing on Wikipedia without a hassle.

Create New Wikipedia Pages For People

Article creation for people on Wikipedia goes through the same process as any other type of article creation. First, you must meet Wikipedia’s notability requirements and notability guidelines. The more information that is publicly available about you or your client, the better. Wikipedia is a reference library at its core, so the more work that is published for the intended person, the more likely their Wikipedia page will get published.

Then, you must make a Wikipedia account in order to submit content proposals. If you don’t create a user account, your publishing abilities are limited, and your IP Address is visible to the public. To keep the content neutral and anonymous, it is best to create a user page and profile.

One of the perks of Wikipedia is that there’s nothing stopping you from creating multiple pages for multiple people. If you’re a marketing or PR firm, you can create as many Wikipedia projects as you want all at the same time!

Add People to Existing Wikipedia Articles

A common question people ask is, “How do I add a section for people on an existing Wikipedia page?” And the truth is, it’s actually quite simple.

To add content to an existing page on Wikipedia, you must click on the “Talk” tab at the upper right screen of the article you’re trying to add content to. Here you’ll be presented with options to add content proposals. Just remember that

The administrators will look at proposed content and decide if they will move forward with it or not. Aside from notoriety, some of the biggest reasons content might be turned down is due to conflict of interest on the page, inappropriate content, or content that is not written from a neutral point of view.

How to Edit Wikipedia Pages For PR People

Public Relations professionals should take special interest in Wikipedia. It’s ripe with opportunities to highlight important news and headlines for any client in the public eye.

You still need to go through the proper channels to edit pre-existing Wikipedia pages, even if you are a PR professional. Unfortunately, paid mentions in the news alone won’t be enough to get your client mentioned in Wikipedia. Earned and organic media mentions will be your best bet towards Wiki success.

Can you make Wikipedia pages for average people?

A lot of people wonder why Wikipedia criteria is so stringent upon having a lot of press and new mentions. This comes down to the sheer volume of content on the platform.

Technically, anyone can create an account and make as many Wikipedia pages as they want. Administrators and bots patrol the site for content that doesn’t meet their guidelines and therefore will flag it to be taken down. Think about it, if everyone could have a Wikipedia page, the site would be flooded with new articles.

Since there is no common definition for the “average” person, Wikipedia has guidelines for how notable someone must be in order to get a Wikipedia page. This is particularly important for musicians looking to get on Wikipedia to help share their music, and it might be possible, but will definitely take some work.

Why is there no Wikipedia page for certain people?

Some public figures aren’t on Wikipedia. This might be for privacy reasons, or because no one has tried to publish any content on them before. No matter the reasoning, you can always use Wikipedia to search someone’s name to see if there is any content on them already.

Depending on someone’s profession or industry, there might be laws preventing them from sharing information on the platform. For instance, Wikipedia is focused on publicly available information. For private corporations and private entities, it’s hard to get around this due to lack of publicly accessible information. Secret patents, trade secrets, and legal agreements are usually required to stay private.

In general, Wikipedia pages can be created for almost any individual with enough publicity online. If you’re trying to get your client on Wikipedia but are having a hard time, it’s time to call a professional to help do the heavy lifting.

Best People to Go to For a Wikipedia Page

If you’re looking to create a Wikipedia page or project but aren’t sure where to start, it’s best to hire a professional. Expert editors and writers can help expedite your project and navigate the waters of Wikipedia guidelines and requirements to get your articles up and published quicker than you could on your own.

Be sure to find a team that listens to your needs, respects your time, and understands your vision. The more details you can provide about the vision of your project, the better off you’ll be. Remember that Wikipedia editors are like article wizards, they’ll scour as many documents as possible for your project – from primary sources, social media, news headlines, you name it!

If you’re interested in tackling a project on Wikipedia, talk to us at We’ll discuss your plans and the best strategy to get your project published quickly. We’re U.S.-based Wikipedia experts and we’re here to make your Wikipedia project a reality.

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