How Does Wikipedia Files Upload Wizard Work?

WikiCreators how does wikipedia file upload wizard work
Uploading Wikipedia Files / Wikipedia Articles

How Does Wikipedia Files Upload Wizard Work?

If you are new to editing on Wikipedia, knowing how and where to upload files can be confusing. There are a few different ways to upload files depending on the file type. Read on to learn how you can upload files using the Wikipedia File Upload Wizard.

How To Upload Wiki Files

Wikipedia articles utilize a range of file types in order to enhance content and provide additional educational value to their articles. Editors can choose to upload:

  • Text files for the articles themselves.
  • Images.
  • Audio files.
  • Videos.

Any file that you upload should be relevant to and enhance the content of the article in question. To upload an article, you can write an article using Wikimarkup and the Wikipedia Article Wizard. For other files, you can use the Wikipedia File Upload Wizard which will either upload them directly to Wikipedia or will take you to Wikimedia Commons.

Wikipedia Article Wizard

For uploading articles, you will need to use the Wikipedia Article Wizard. Before choosing to create a new article, make sure that another article about the same subject doesn’t already exist and that it passes the notability requirements.

Follow these steps to upload an article with the Article Wizard:

  1. Create an account and build up credibility as an editor. To do this you need to have an open account for four days and make ten edits.
  2. While you wait, you can start learning how to edit on Wikipedia using Wikimarkup or the Visual Editor.
  3. Go to the Wikipedia Article Wizard to create your first draft. Click through the questions and name your article, and it will take you to the editing page.
WikiCreators how does wikipedia file upload wizard work
  1. Write your article in the box, making sure to include all references and citations.
WikiCreators how does wikipedia file upload wizard work
  1. Submit your article and wait for a review. There is a huge backlog of articles waiting to be approved, so it can take a few months before you get a response.

Wikipedia File Upload Wizard

For any non-text file that you want to add to your Wikipedia article, you can use the File Upload Wizard. On this page, you can click one of two options:

  • Upload a file to Wikimedia Commons if the file is owned by you or is freely licensed.
  • Upload a non-free file locally to Wikipedia.
WikiCreators how does wikipedia file upload wizard work

Any content that you put on Wikipedia should be freely available to use according to their copyright guidelines. They allow non-free files in certain circumstances, but these are rare. In most instances, you should upload freely licensed material to Wikimedia Commons.

If you have a non-free file that you believe follows the usage guidelines, click “Upload a non-free file”. To do this, you must have a confirmed account with Wikipedia, which means it has been open for four days and you have made ten edits to preexisting articles. Otherwise, you can go to the Files For Upload page to make a request.  

WikiCreators how does wikipedia file upload wizard work

Uploading Files To Wikimedia Commons

Uploading files to Wikimedia Commons allows those files to be used in all Wikimedia projects, and you will have to use this process for most files.

  1. Login to your Wikipedia account and go to the Wikimedia Commons Upload Wizard.
WikiCreators how does wikipedia file upload wizard work
  1. Read through the comic so that you understand what files you are and are not allowed to upload.
WikiCreators how does wikipedia file upload wizard work
  1. Select your files.
  2. Sign off the release rights.
  3. Fill out all of the descriptive information.
  4. Continue clicking through the steps to submit your files.
  5. Once submitted, you will then be able to use these files in your Wikipedia articles.


Closing Thoughts: Using the Wikipedia Upload Wizard

Adding files to your Wikipedia articles is a great way to provide extra educational content. However, it can be tricky to navigate Wikipedia’s copyright guidelines. Follow these steps to upload Wikipedia files the correct way. If you are having trouble navigating Wikipedia, our expert team at WikiCreators is here to help. Contact us, and we will develop a personalized plan to meet your Wikipedia project goals.

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