How to Edit a Wikipedia Page

How to Edit a Wikipedia Page

How to Edit a Wikipedia Page

Millions of people turn to Wikipedia for information every single day. It’s a great database of knowledge, and is extremely useful, particularly for brands, businesses, and notable individuals.

You might be someone who owns a business or works for a business that has a Wikipedia page, wanting to make sure the published information is accurate. 

What if you notice an error—what do you do? You have to edit the page!

Can you edit Wikipedia pages?

The answer is yes, you CAN edit Wikipedia pages and articles. However, it’s a bit more involved than it may appear at first.

First of all, you need to register an account on Wikipedia to become a user. As a user, you have more contributing powers to the Wiki database than the average browser. You’ll be able to request edits on Wikipedia articles, create your own Wikipedia pages, and more.

The thing is, it can be a lengthy process to go from user creation to newly published content. Plus, you run the risk of having your edits rejected by Wiki admins. 

You’re better off hiring a professional Wikipedia editing service to do the work on your behalf, saving you lots of time and headaches for your brand or business.

How to Edit the Title of a Wikipedia Page

If you’re looking to edit the title of a Wikipedia page or article, you go through the same process you would to edit any other type of content on Wikipedia. First, create a user account and then request article changes through the “Discussions” tab.

Be sure the title is informative and neutral. If you need help writing in a neutral tone, you can work with professional Wikipedia writers to make sure the messaging is exactly what you’d like it to say and sound like. It’s also a good idea to double-check the native language of your writing expert to make sure it sounds natural and grammatically correct.

If you’re trying to drastically edit the title of the article, your edits might be disapproved of on the “talk” page tab. This could likely be due to editors believing that a dramatically different title could change the meaning of the page, and therefore could be better suited for a new page instead. 

Creating a new page would not only allow you to show a preview of the new title on a new page, but also edit the link for the URL to correspond appropriately to the title. 

Can you edit your own Wikipedia page?

Once you create an account, you can most certainly edit and make changes to your own Wikipedia page. Keep in mind, though, that Wikipedia will only publish content that adheres to its writing guidelines. 

This means that content must be written in a neutral point of view with proper citations. It’s also worth noting that any edits you make will not be published immediately. Once you submit your edits, there is no set timeline for when your edits will be reviewed and published.

This could be a problem for established brands and businesses who see an egregious error or misinformation on their Wikipedia page. It’s much easier to hire a Wikipedia editing service to navigate the publishing process on your behalf.

Keep in mind that any Wikipedia pages you create and edit are not considered protected pages and may be edited by any external users who chooses to do so. An outside user may create a citation to a site you agree or disagree with on your page, which you may dispute on the “discussion” tab at the top of the page if you wish.

How to See Who Edited a Wikipedia Page

If you’re curious to see who created or has contributed to a Wikipedia page or article, simply click the “history” tab at the top of the page. Here you’ll see the list of all changes made and who made them. Without being a registered user, other users will be able to see your IP address publicly.

The history tab is useful if you’d like to know more about who is writing content on your own page or your company’s page. Anyone can click on a Wiki markup and be taken to that user’s page if they are unregistered.

How to Add to Wikipedia Articles

You can add content to Wikipedia articles through the exact same editing process described above. Feel free to add copyright-free media like images and videos that pertain to the article you’re working on and cite it for the best chance at a speedy publication.

If you’re not sure what you’d like to add to a Wikipedia article, it’s best to consult an expert rather than guess what the most appropriate content would be. Wikipedia editors take great care in making sure users write according to the Wikipedia manual of style, so make sure to cite sources and externally link properly. 


The actual process of editing on Wikipedia is not difficult, but rather the nitty gritty of following formatting and writing guidelines that make it much more difficult. With changes and edits made, make sure to include proper citations, and have patience throughout the publication process.

With the help of professional Wikipedia writing and editing services, you can have all your Wikipedia articles managed under one roof on a 24/7 basis. 

If you’re interested in hiring expert Wikipedia writers for your project, visit us at and let us know what you’re looking to complete.

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