How Long Does It Take To Publish A Wikipedia Article?

how to get your wikipedia article approved how long does it take to publish a wikipedia article
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How Long Does It Take To Publish A Wikipedia Article?

If you want to create a Wikipedia page, it is important to get familiar with the article approval process. Wikipedia is an open-source encyclopedia that compiles collective knowledge from people all around the world. Anyone can create and edit a page but will have to follow Wikipedia guidelines for creating a high-quality article.

As a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikipedia exists as a way to provide free access to information for all people. Thousands of people edit and create articles pages every month, and so Wikipedia makes the process as straightforward as possible while also making sure their articles are reliable sources of information.

How Long Will It Take To Publish a Wikipedia Article?

The total time can range from 3-to 6 months. This is due to the sheer number of article submissions that Wikipedia gets every single day. Once your article gets to the top of the waitlist, your article will be peer-reviewed by Wikipedia editors. 

After reading the article, they will do one of three things:

  1. Reject the article outright.
  2. Send it back to you for further editing.
  3. Approve the article and email you a link to the live page.

Obviously, the third option is the ideal outcome. Following the creation process will help ensure that your Wikipedia entries have their best chance of getting approved the first time.

The Approval Process for Wikipedia Articles

how to get your wikipedia article approved how long does it take to publish a wikipedia article
  1. Create an account. You will be asked to authenticate your email address.
  2. Learn the basics of editing. If you are completely new to the editing process, The Wikipedia Adventure will teach you all the basics. You can also use the Wikipedia Sandbox to test out your skills.
  3. Prove your account’s credibility. You will not be able to unlock all of the abilities of your account until it is at least 4 days old and you have made 10 or more edits to pre-existing articles. You must establish credibility before you can make your own new article.
  4. Check to make sure that the topic you want to write about isn’t already published on Wikipedia. The subject must also meet Wikipedia’s notability requirements.
  5. Use the Article Wizard to create a draft page. If you need more support, do not have enough editing experience, or could have a conflict of interest with your subject, use Wikipedia’s Articles For Creation.
  6. Write your article, if you haven’t already done so. This is the time to use your best writing and researching skills.
  7. Don’t forget your sources! All of the information in your article has to be backed up by reliable, third-party sources. Without these, your Wiki page has no credibility and will get rejected. Citing sources is one of the most important aspects of article writing.
  8. Double-check and reread your article to make sure there are no typos and that it follows all of the Wikipedia guidelines.
  9. Once you are done, scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Publish Page’. Then, just sit back and wait for your article to be reviewed. This can take several months, and you will be contacted by email.


How To Get Your Wikipedia Article Approved

Now that you know the process for page creation, what can you do to actually get your article approved?

Can I Make A Wikipedia Page About Myself?

It is generally not advised for people to create a page for themselves because this goes against Wikipedia’s conflict of interest guidelines. However, if you are creating or paying someone to create a Wikipedia page about you, you can use the WikiProject Articles For Creation page to do so.

How To Publish A Draft On Wikipedia

If you have a Wikipedia account and have established credibility, you can use the Article Wizard to create your first article. Enter the name of the page you want to make, and it will take you to the draft page. Otherwise, you can go to Articles For Creation to submit an article.

Tips For How To Get Wikipedia Page Approved

  • Before you begin writing, make sure your subject is notable. Notability means that the subject has had significant coverage in books, articles, blog posts, press releases, etc.
  • Do not cite other Wikipedia pages in your article.
  • Stay away from self-published sources. If you are writing a biography, do not use that person’s website.
  • Don’t overload the article with references. You should cite every fact you claim, however only use the necessary amount of references. Using too many sources is known as notability bombing, and you want to avoid this.
  • Avoid using a promotional tone. Keep your wording unbiased and professional.
  • Wikipedia is not the place to publish original research. Your citations must be from previously published works.
  • Less may be more when it comes to your first article. The longer your article is, the more likely you are to make mistakes and have the page rejected.

Contact an Expert

If you have a Wikipedia project in mind, our expert team at WikiCreators is here to help. We can discuss your plans and develop a strategy to get your article published in a timely manner.

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