6 Amazing Benefits of Creating a Wikipedia Page in 2023


6 Amazing Benefits of Creating a Wikipedia Page in 2023

6 Amazing Benefits of Creating a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is an ever-evolving digital encyclopedia having 58 million articles in different languages. It is a reputable source of information on the internet. People trust the information on Wikipedia and consider it a valuable resource. According to Wikipedia, an average of 558 new articles are added daily to this encyclopedia. These stats show that internet users realize the importance of having a Wikipedia page. Read this article to understand the importance of Wikipedia for your business or personal portfolio.


Benefits of Creating a Wikipedia Page

1.   Serves as a Traffic Magnet for On-Page SEO

SEO Benefits of Creating a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is an authoritative website. It has great SEO rankings, so you can use it while building your on-page SEO strategy.

It enjoys the top spot in google search results for almost every keyword. Most users click on the first link, which is usually a Wikipedia page, and they also trust the information on the page.

Whether you want to build your business profile or personal portfolio, you can use it to show up in the top results on Google. So take advantage of Wikipedia’s immense popularity and drive traffic to your website.

2.   Helps Build Off-Page SEO Strategy

Wikipedia plays an important role in making your off-page SEO strategy successful. You can add backlinks to your business website on the Wikipedia page. These backlinks will be very effective, considering the high domain authority of Wikipedia. Thus, you will get tons of traffic from Google to Wikipedia and from Wikipedia to your official website in no time. Moreover, the strong backlinks on Wikipedia will positively impact your website’s SEO rankings. This means you will also get more traffic to your site directly.

3.   Helps Advertise Without Advertising

Wikipedia doesn’t allow direct advertising, so you need to be aware of it. You can create informational and neutral content on your Wikipedia page. You must adopt a non-advertising tone, which means you can only talk about your skills or services without urging the users to purchase. Interestingly, readers will likely follow a brand after reading its Wikipedia page. Thus, neutral information on a wiki page is an effective advertisement.

It is a great place to explain your company’s history or brand story in detail. You can connect with the reader at an emotional level by telling your story correctly. Moreover, you can go into the details of your services and even mention your accomplishments as a business owner. Storytelling will impress the readers, who might get you more sales.

If you’re a student trying to build your portfolio, you can mention your skills and experience with different clients and also share your accomplishments.

4.   Helps Build Credibility

One of the benefits of creating a Wikipedia page is it increases brand recognition. The status of your brand will improve tremendously because of its presence on this reputable resource. Wikipedia has strict notability and eligibility criteria. It takes a lot of work to get your page approved. Thus, businesses or individual portfolios on Wikipedia are considered credible.

If your business is relatively small, you can still be considered notable according to wiki guidelines. According to Wikipedia, you must be a great service provider to get a Wikipedia page for your company. The digital encyclopedia states that it doesn’t favor larger companies over small ones.  

5.   Budget-Friendly Marketing

 Wikipedia is open to everybody. Anyone can enjoy the benefits of wiki pages as long as they check all the boxes of eligibility criteria. Marketing can be expensive, but creating a Wikipedia page is a budget-friendly option.

Benefits of Wikipedia

You don’t need to worry if it is just the start of your career and you have no budget for marketing. Creating a Wikipedia page is 100% free. However, if you cannot write a page yourself, you can hire a Wikipedia writer. This doesn’t have to be very expensive as you can choose a writer according to your budget. Wiki writers are well-versed with Wikipedia rules and can create content that gets approved on the first attempt.

You can reduce this expense by learning about Wikipedia guidelines and writing the page yourself.

6.    Easy Access to Edit Your Content

One of the pros of having a Wikipedia page is that it is easy to manage. You can update your wiki page without hassle. The importance of keeping your information up to date is extremely important. Modifying your content on Wikipedia is easier than logging into the WordPress dashboard or asking the developer to do it for you. Once your page is up on Wikipedia, you can edit it anytime.

Moreover, you can add new accomplishments or mention the latest services easily. Wikipedia pages are regularly updated to give readers the most accurate and credible information. Ensure your wiki page covers the recent highlights of your brand.

Wikipedia Notability and Eligibility

An organization is notable if it has been talked about on good terms by numerous independent sources. A source qualifies to establish the notability of a business or individual if it meets the following criteria:

  1. Contains Significant Coverage

The source must talk about the business in question in great detail. Your business should be discussed in depth and directly. A single sentence mentioning your company in the New York Times won’t work.

  1. A Reliable Source

Wikipedia gives a complete guide on the reliability of sources.

  1. A Third-Party Source

The source must be independent and should not take the company’s views into account.

  1. Must Be a Secondary Source

A secondary source provides an author’s opinion. Primary sources are not acceptable as people write them within the company. Moreover, tertiary sources are not useable because they summarize primary and secondary sources.


There are numerous marketing and SEO benefits of creating a Wikipedia page. Before creating a Wikipedia page, you must have great attention to detail and in-depth research. It is much more effective than an ad or a social media post, and you don’t have to spend a single penny on it. However, it requires more research, effort, and energy than traditional marketing.

You can’t afford to ignore some Wikipedia rules or write your article without proper research. Wikipedia doesn’t hesitate to take a page down that is non-compliant. Thus, it is essential to give your best to make the encyclopedia work in your favor. We hope this article will help you create an authentic Wikipedia page for yourself or your business and bring a positive change in your career.

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